Monday, November 21, 2011

Story Time: Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers (read on 17th November 2011)

Couple of week ago, I bought Mr. Popper’s Penguin’s DVD starring Jim Carrey. And last Thursday, since school holiday just around the corner, I let my children watch the movie and stay up a bit late. The story is hilarious and Jim Carrey was a great comedian. And the penguins are adorable. We laugh out loud and had a great time watching the movie. After watching the movie, I asked my children if we have picture book about penguins. They look for it and found Oliver Jeffers’s Lost and Found. So, I read to them that book. Lost and Found is a story about the friendship between a lonely penguin and a boy. How this boy tries to return the penguin to where it’s belong. He even set out a journey to the South Pole with the penguin. But after they get there, the boy discovers that the penguin wasn’t lost after all. Oliver Jeffers’ unique tale of friendship is such a delight read aloud book. It’s good to see my children enjoyed it. ^_^

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