Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Princess VS Bugs

Last night I’ve read four books to my children, two for Sofea and two for Anwar. As usual, Sofea will choose her princess books and Anwar will choose his train and bugs books. I still haven’t figured out why Sofea so attached with all this princess-thingy especially Disney Princess and Barbie. She will fight with her brother if he claimed that all her book ‘mengarut’/nonsense. She will say all her brother’s books are ‘mengarut’ too. Even during our bedtime stories, they will quarrel and claim that their book is the best one. I have to explain to them why we need to read both fiction and non fiction. Even though Sofea is only 4 years old, but I have to control her obsession with all this princess-thingy before it’s become worst. Yes, I want her to be a reader but not a reader who only read all this princess-thingy books. So, one of my missions is to make sure she like to reads all kind of book include her brother bugs book. ^_^

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