Saturday, July 16, 2011

Balik Kampung Mood

Last month, my family went back to Sabah. My children are very excited to experience the kampung environment again. I know my children schedule will be occupied with playing and exploring new things most of the time. But, I just bring along some picture books to read when we have spare time. The entire two weeks, I managed to reads twice to them during their bedtimes. The best thing is we are not alone. My brothers and my nephews join our bedtime’s stories. I have to reads several books requested by them. Luckily I bring along the Backyard Books series which have seven titles. This series introduce children to small and familiar animals such as butterfly, ants, dragonfly, spider and ladybug. My children and my nephew have to choose their favorite insects and I will read to them. But, they have to pretend to be the insect that they choose. It’s such a long night and I’m happy they enjoyed it.

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