Friday, August 26, 2011

Children Classics Celebrate Milestones

More anniversary edition will be out this year such as Babar (80 years), Jumanji (30 years), James and the Giant Peach (50 years) and Magic School Bus (25 years). One of my favorite is Babar. I adored Babar and his elephant’s family. The Story of Babar first came out in year 1931. According to the author, Jean de Brunhoff, the story was inspired by a bedtime story created by his mother, Cecile de Brunhoff. And after he dies, his son Laurent continued the Babar’s legacy.This year, in conjunction with the 80th anniversary of Babar, the publisher will be publishing Laurent de Brunhoff's Babar's Celesteville Games. Check out this article from Publishers Weekly where publisher celebrated children’s book anniversaries.

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