Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Usborne Reading Programme

Next year Anwar, my eldest son will be in standard one. I’m a bit worried because he cannot read yet. He can spell the words but don’t know how to pronounce them. I tried the Ladybird Keyword series but don’t help much. My children don’t really like the classic-look of the book (remember Peter and Jane). So, I try out the Usborne Reading Programme series. It’s divided into four levels according to the words per book; Level One – up to 150 words per book, Level Two – up to 250 words per book, Level Three – up to 450 words per book and Level Four – up to 750 words per book. So, I bought two titles from the First Level, The Three Wishes and The Ant and the Grasshopper. My children seem to enjoy the books especially Anwar and he even try to read it by himself.With delightful illustrations and easy-to-read text, these series is very good for beginner reader like my children. For further information find out at

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